Prewired ECG Electrodes

TenderTrode Plus™ - Pediatric & Neo-Natal ECG Electrodes for Extended Wear

Vermed’s TenderTrode Plus™ line of hydrocolloid products by Nissha Medical Technologies | Healthcare Solutions is designed for the unique needs of the neonatal market. Each product uses hydrocolloid instead of aggressive tape adhesives to prevent irritation to tender skin while providing long-term attachment. This, coupled with the use of soft conforming materials, ensures patient comfort and product effectiveness in the NICU. TenderTrode Plus™ electrodes use a hydrocolloid material that is recommended for use on NeoNatal skin by the NANN Skin Care Guidelines. The use of hydrocolloid materials over adhesives minimizes the risk of epidermal stripping.

Neonatal Leads

  • 5-Day Wear Time, GUARANTEED!
  • Long-term high humidity ECG electrode
  • Hydrocolloid border provides long term attachment
  • Save nursing time and resources with fewer electrode changes
  • Hydrogel center provides excellent tracings
  • Safe on neonatal skin
  • Designed specifically for NICU
  • Radiolucent lead

Micro-Preemie Leads

  • 5-Day Wear Time, GUARANTEED!
  • Reduction in "Nuisance" alarms resulting in a quieter NICU
  • No cumbersome band
  • Micro size can be used on limbs or on the body
  • Safely secures to limbs without a strap that could reduce circulation
  • Gentle hydrocolloid and hydrogel adhesives
  • Safe on neonatal skin
  • Save nursing time and resources with fewer electrode changes
  • Designed specifically for NICU
  • Radiolucent lead

Hydrocolloid Probe Covers

  • 5-Day Wear Time, GUARANTEED!
  • Hydrocolloid is gentle on delicate skin
  • Provides long-term attachment with no skin irritation
  • Resists breakdown from moisture or heat
  • Leaves no residue on skin

Hydrocolloid Cannula Holders

  • Skin friendly Hydrocolloid base
  • Fold over flap engineered to relieve stress on tubes
  • Flap designed to be opened and closed repeatedly
  • Clear flap allows for better visibility
  • Mini size and shape ideal for micro preemies
  • Not made with natural rubber latex or plasticizer DEHP

TenderTrode Plus Product

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