fully radiolucent patient monitoring kits
for long-term and ICU use

CLARAVUE is an efficient and hygienic solution for simple, accurate and fully radiotransparent patient monitoring. CLARAVUE includes prewired disposable electrodes for use with patented, reusable bioactive trunk cables.

For the past ten years, CLARAVUE has been known to provide very good trace quality and infection prevention in prominent hospitals globally.

Claravue Features

Quality Trace

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Pre-wired electrodes eliminate the need to snap leadwires onto electrodes.

CLARAVUE’S best-in-class electrodes reduce motion artifact associated with movement of the leadwires on electrode snaps. Repositionable, disposable patient kits can be used for up to 5-days.

Quick Patient Hookup

Patented quick connection point, repositionable and comfortable

CLARAVUE’S patented quick connection consolidates standard 10 leadwire ends to two simple, plug-style connections. Reduce opportunities for error by simplifying connections. Lightweight and conforming cables increase patient comfort.

Foam Backing & Large Surface Area

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Larger electrodes adhere better and foam material ensures longer wear.

A larger surface area adheres better to patient's skin especially in challenging conditions. Foam backing is sturdier and retain integrity during long-term wear. Visible backing liner prevents slipping hazard on the floor.

Disposable & Hygienic

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Single Patient Use - Up to 5 Day Wear Time

Each completely disposable Patient Kit (paired with the antimicrobial effect of reusable bioactive, metalloacid-coated cables) ensures the most hygienic solution for infection control.


CLARAVUE Packaging

CLARAVUE comes packaged in a dispenser case designed for easy storage and efficient product retrieval. Each patient kit is a single-use pack, containing all prewired electrodes.


Instructions For Use


Standard protocol for skin prep applies.


Open the single CLARAVUE patient kit. Remove inner bag. Unwind sets from the holder card.


Gently remove electrode sets from release liner by peeling away from thumb tab.


Adhere the RA and RL electrode positions to the patient. Continue to apply set A across the patient’s chest to the LA position and down to the LL position. Repeat with set B, applying the V positions from left to right. CLARAVUE is repositionable, allowing the freedom to rearrange on the patient as necessary. Note: Gently pull the wire from the ribbon cable to expand the overall size of the set(s).


While holding the male end of the adapter (clear clip) attached to set A, align with the blue, triangular indicator. Press firmly until lever snaps. Repeat with the blue clip attached to set B.

5 Day Wear

Ensure a good signal is achieved on the monitor. If a standard three lead trace is necessary, unplug set B from the adapter cable and remove the corresponding V positions from the patient. CLARAVUE’s various lead configurations enables total hospital standardization.


BioActive Cables

Coated with molybdenum trioxide (M0O3), CLARAVUE's unique blue trunk cables support prevention of healthcare-associated infections. The metalloacid coating produces a powerful antimicrobial effect designed to lower the contamination risks of standard non-coated cables.

In a recent study:

    • Metalloacid coated surfaces “exhibited significant antimicrobial activity relative to that of the control surfaces within two to six hours after contact with the micro organisms.”
    • This metalloacid material produces oxonium ions (H3O+), thus producing an acidic pH that is an effective antimicrobial.
    • Post-exposure to eight multi-drug resistant bacteria strains, bacterial counts are significantly lower after 6-24 hours of contact.
    • The total antimicrobial effectiveness is thought to be related to the H3O+ ion permeability of the cell membrane.
    • In combination with employing regular cleaning procedures, “coated device surfaces may provide a permanent means of minimizing microbial contamination between two cleaning procedures.”

Nathalie Tetault, H. G.-H.-M. (2012). Biocidial activity of metalloacid-coated surfaces against multidrug-resistant microoganisms. Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control, 1-35.

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