Diagnostic Resting Electrodes

SilveRest™ - Adult Diagnostic Resting EKG Electrodes

Adult Diagnostic Electrodes for Resting EKG and Echo Sound

Vermed SilveRest™ electrodes by Nissha Medical Technologies are the standard in diagnostic electrodes. Superior silver / silver chloride technology and quality construction produce an electrode that performs every time. Excellent adhesion and clear traces mean no repeat testing. SilveRest™ electrodes are available in various shapes, sizes and packaging configurations to suit your needs.

  • Ag/AgCl, high chloride content, wet gel electrodes for fast, clear traces
  • Self-adhering electrodes, no muscle artifact or repeat testing
  • Available in economical, pliable, easy-to-peel vinyl tape or easy-placement, more adhesive, occlusive foam
  • Latex Free
  • Hypoallergenic adhesive
  • Can be defibrillated

SilveRest™ Electrodes

<p>SilveRest&trade; Electrodes</p>

Standard diagnostic electrodes with superior Silver / Silver Chloride technology and quality construction.

Last Edited: 01.01.0001

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SilveRest Monitoring Electrodes


Diagnostic Resting EKG Tab Electrode

Nissha Medical Technologies' SilveRest™ tab electrodes for resting EKG provide excellent adhesion and quality traces. Our silver/silver chloride coating and conductive adhesive gel provide an electrode that meets or exceeds the AAMI standard for disposable pre-gelled EKG electrodes

  • Conductive adhesive gel
  • Patented traction liner prevents tabs from sliding off liner saving time and money
  • Pliable substrate conforms to body
  • Ultra low impedance (<100 ohms) promotes rapid baseline stabilization
  • Adhesive solid gel requires minimal cleanup
  • Packaged in convenient, re-sealable pouches
  • Latex Free
  • Repositionable

SilveRest™ Tabs

<p>SilveRest&trade; Tabs</p>

For resting EKG provide excellent adhesion and quality traces. All of our tab electrodes meet or exceed the AAMI standard for disposable pre-gelled EKG electrodes.

Last Edited: 01.01.0001

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10-Pack Tab Electrodes

Introducing the market's first single use 10-pack of tab electrodes.

The Joint Commission (TJC) is mandating multi-use packages be documented for first use and expiration dates. Single-use packs eliminate the need to document these dates. Single-use pack electrodes also provide a solution to assist in compliance with IC.02.02.01 standard for infection control.


  • Each single-use pack is lot coded and has expiration dates.


  • Eliminates risk of cross contamination of unsed electrodes.
  • Eliminates electrode failure due to improper sealing and storage of unused electrodes.


  • Can be worn (but not used) during MRI procedures.


  • Adhesive solid gel requires minimal cleanup
  • Latex Free

SilveRest™ 10 Pack Tab Electrodes

<p>SilveRest&trade; 10 Pack Tab Electrodes</p>

The market's first single-use 10 pack of tab electrodes featuring traceability and a more hygienic disposable solution.

Last Edited: 01.01.0001

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TinyTab - Pediatric Tab Electrodes

At Nissha Medical Technologies, we design and deliver innovative patient monitoring products keeping both the needs of the patients and clinicians in mind. We listened to your needs and are excited to announce the launch of our new Ag/AgCl EKG tab electrode for neonatal patients, the TinyTab™. Clinicians no longer have to struggle with the nuisance of trying to cut adult tabs in half to fit their smaller-bodied patients. TinyTab™ is half the size of a regular adult EKG tab electrode so that it can fit comfortably on tiny bodies. As part of our TenderTrode™ line, you can expect all the same quality features; soft conforming materials to ensure patient comfort along with the wherewithal to perform quality traces. That's the NMT Experience!

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