Grounding Pads

Neutral Electrodes

Improved Contact Quality Monitoring

The new TWIN sling makes the "split" more than 3 times longer and extends along the circumference of the conductive area. This avoids the hitherto customary concentration of the CQM current in the center and the surveillance function becomes evenly efficient over the total area of the electrode.

Optimized HF-Current Symmetry

The revolutionary "sling design" of the TWIN-SAFE makes it possible for the first time to use efficiently the symmetry surveillance of last-generation devices fully and completely and with arbitrary electrode orientation. The typical symmetry deviation of the HF current is below 5 % with any orientation of the TWIN-SAFE.

Oval Design

Diathermey pads can be applied in any direction due to the oval design.

Unique Interwoven Geometry

Reults in a more symmetrical current distribution over the two halves

Elongated Split Design

No heavilly concentrated areas of current (edge effect) thus reducing the chance of patient burns.

Improved Adhesion

Any decreased skin contact causes a change in the impedance ration between the two halves


grounding pad twin-safe rotation.gif