Sampling Lines, Cannulas, and Securement Devices

From oxygen delivery, capnography, oral care, aerosol therapy and sleep diagnostics, Nissha's suite of respiratory care products feature some of the most sought-after options for a variety of applications.



The unique elastomeric properties of the over-the-ear Comfort Soft Plus® tubing minimize friction and shear forces on the skin at all contact points and act as a "strain relief" when a patient turns their head. As a result, Comfort Soft Plus cannulas are more comfortable, enhancing patient compliance and therapy outcomes.

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Salter Labs sets the standard in capnography an unsurpassed range of configurations helps healthcare systems improve patient safety by making capnography monitoring possible in more situations. Cannulas, and sampling lines  with innovative features make Salter Labs' capnography products the most popular side-stream capnography products in the world.

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Securement devices play a crucial role in medical respiratory therapy by ensuring the secure placement and stability of various respiratory devices on patients. They not only enhance the effectiveness of respiratory therapy but also contribute to patient safety and comfort by minimizing the risk of complications associated with improper device positioning.

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