SM-ICG Hemodynamic Monitors

Detecting and understanding cardiac abnormalities is critical in cardiology and other medical fields as well. Despite advances in the use of ultrasound, the cardiac function of patients is not always thoroughly explored, especially during exercise. This may lead to patients being misdiagnosed or diagnosed late, which affects outcomes.

PhysioFlow is a world-wide leader for providing noninvasive analysis of hemodynamic abnormalities (cardiac output and certain aspects of the heart function) at rest and, even more importantly, during exercise. It is thoroughly validated and benefits from clinical recommendations from the AHA for cardiopulmonary exercise testing in heart failure.

With PhysioFlow, detecting abnormalities is not only about numbers and trends, but also about looking at signals. Easily identifiable abnormal patterns analysis helps screening those patients in need for more advanced explorations (for instance in diastolic failure). Is also instrumental in following up their progress under therapy (drug or rehabilitation).

  • Non-Invasive Technology
  • Easy To Use
  • Cost Effective
  • Reliable Advanced Features