SM-ICG Hemodynamic Monitors

PhysioFlow® PF07 Q-Link™

Based on the advanced PhysioFlow® Enduro™ technology, PhysioFlow® has been further developed to reduce costs and enhance user friendliness. The result is PhysioFlow® PF07 Q-Link™, all the performance of Enduro™ without the batteries and with a simple USB connection to the computer. 

The HD-Z™ filter for high performance noise cancellation is embedded as well, enabling measurements even during high intensity exercise. The combination between advanced hardware, low cost of use, and powerful yet user friendly software enables more routine uses in the clinical area. They range from heart failure to severe hypertension, and of course all critical care applications. 



PhysioFlow® PF07 Q-Link™ features

  •  Small Size: 126 x 96 x 20 mm
  • Light Weight: Less than 200g
  • 6 pre-gelled thoracic surface electrodes
  • Advanced adaptative filter for noise cancellation (HD-Z™)
  • Connections: Patient cable (1 meter), USB cable (about 10 feet) for   data transmission and power supply (5V, 300 mA)
  • Works with PhysioFlow® V2 MS Windows™-based software for display,   data analysis, and storage
RECOMMENDED Minimum computer configuration
  • Windows 7 or later
  • 2 Ghz X86 processor
  • RAM : 4Go
  • Hard Drive 500 MB Free
  • 15 inch screen (1280x1024)
  • Preferably no Bluetooth module